Nicali Sports Medicine and Associates, Pasadena's Finest Chiropractor

we are the Best chiropractor Pasadena dedicated to helping our patients find relief from pain and improve their overall health through non-invasive care of the musculo-skeletal system

Our office is a non-surgical recovery care center specializing in management of sports injuries and injuries of traumatic or continuous activity origin. This is accomplished with the disciplines encompassed in chiropractic care, physiotherapy, therapeutic and sports massage, injury rehabilitation and prevention and wellness maintenance.

We are located in Pasadena, CA and look forward to serving our town and the surrounding communities. We offer therapies including spinal decompression, kinesiology taping, sports and therapeutic massage, and laser therapy.

Our services help patients recover from neck and back pain, upper and lower extremity joint pain (Carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runners knee, golfers elbow, etc.). Also, shoulder pain, sports injuries, and pain associated with age related arthritis, disc herniation, sciatica and other common conditions that may impact daily activity. Call our office today if you are looking for a chiropractic office that will relieve you from your pain and direct you towards a life of health and wellness!


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