Nicali Sports Medicine Chiropractic and Personal Injury Claims

Dear attorneys,

We are experienced in Attorney Claims for auto and other accidents and will accept cases on a lien basis to facilitate settlement and fair compensation to your clients.

Our offices specialize in management of musculoskeletal conditions of traumatic or repetitive origin, through the use of physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, muscle and joint rehabilitation, exercise and scientifically oriented manipulative therapy. We have x-rays facilities on site and are equipped to supervise and manage care through rehabilitation, strengthening and flexibility.

As the Clinic Director at Nicali Sports Medicine and Associates, I have 27 years experience in managing Personal Injury Claims, including report writing which include all medical records from our office for expedition of claims. I have successfully testified in court many times as both a defense and plaintiff expert in the resolution of litigated claims. This experience has allowed me to have a pre-emptive approach in the management of my patients claims to avoid many of the pitfalls that minimize compensation and complicate fair settlement.


Gustavo A. Nino, D.C., C.C.S.P.



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